interesting! Yes, Running can make you high By GINA KOLATA Published: March 27, 2008 The New York Times The runner’s high: Every athlete has heard of it, most seem to believe in it and many say they have experienced it. But for years scientists have reserved judgment because no rigorousRead More →

BBC NEWS Prize for ‘brain music’ project A music project designed to mirror the way our brains work has been named winner of the New Music Award and its £50,000 prize money.(…) The winner is The Fragmented Orchestra! The Fragmented Orchestra is a huge distributed musical structure modeled on theRead More →

The crowd, suddenly there where there was nothing before, is a mysterious and universal phenomenon. A few people may have been standing together-five, ten, twelve, not more; nothing has been announced, nothing is expected. Suddenly everywhere is black with people and more come streaming from all sides as though streetsRead More →

in spite of what the “experts” may say….this is creepy. reminds me of that P.K.Dick’s story… The face of new technologyIssued: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 09:17:00 GMTNational security and crime prevention could be revolutionised by new developments in face recognition technology. Systems designed to identify criminals and suspects from photographsRead More →

For six years Noah takes a foto of himself…every day. January 11, 2000 – July 31, 2006. 2356 Days. A work in progress. original music by Carly Comando. artists @ More →

“Alguma vez você já olhou em volta para o incontável número de pessoas em qualquer grande cidade cosmopolita e se perguntou “Qual é a cara deste lugar? Qual é a cara de um típico nova-iorquino, londrino, parisiense? Como este lugar se parecerá em cem ou duzentos anos, quando toda estaRead More →

from : link Posted: 01/18/2008 Face facts: People don’t stand out in crowds A new study reveals why it is hard to spot familiar faces in groups Rockville, MD — Why is it difficult to pick out even a familiar face in a crowd? We all experience this, but theRead More →