Motivation Despite the limitations that a low resolution light spectrometer has (like the inability to detect the atmosphere absortion bands), it still can be useful to investigate the light spectrum from multiple light sources, like the Sun, the Moon, LEDs and mercury lamps. Methods The output of a light spectrometerRead More →

A Patirafa was born, created using Spore. The beautiful Patirafa left the volcano environment and went to Blender. Now we were ready to export the Patirafa as STL file and give the Tricolour printing a try. The result is not awesome, but we got some pretty nice statues 🙂Read More →

Interfacing the DS1077 oscillator module The DS1077 Package This IC comes in a SOIC package, therefore Sparkfun did a nice breakout board for it. In this project we used the breakout board, but if we were using the bare chip everything should work the same way as described here. ThisRead More →