Sad Melody? or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Music

Zellowwww,Is there such thing as sad music?
I cry with beauty…not just sadness! I cried at a concert when Gulbenkian Chorus sang…

Is this a cultural response? Or is there something in our brain? (by the way i met this person, now a friend of mine, a painter, and he had similar ideas about colours…of course!)
For the same music do we all feel the same emotion?

In movies we can easily see the association of a long tone with very emotional scenes, and publicity and in tv news…
I’ve already explored some emotional sensations from different kind of music…i can’t work with all music, I’ve even tried to understand if creativity can be stimulated better with some sound than others. Of course by doing on me it’s hard to get something conclusive.

Oh and there’s something i heard on Gulbenkian Contemporary Music Encounters (May 2000) dedicated to Music and Mathematics that the number of consonant sound is increasing. Are we learning to listen? I’m not sure what does this mean and I’m sure I have something somewhere about this.
I’ll try to find it.

Bem acho que já misturei tudo…
Entretanto acho que muitas emoções são induzidas por cada um de nós…acho que isso é mais forte. Não sei. Acho que a procura da chamada música triste é uma consequência e não a causa de um estado de espírito que pode até não ser consciente.
De qualquer forma…se algum som nos faz sentir depressivos é melhor não ouvir!

ficam uns links:
1. artigo What makes sad music sad?
by Moira Farr, Walrus Magazine.
endereços dos laboratórios citados (ainda não explorei)
* International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research in Montreal
* Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Laboratory at Ohio State University
* Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition, and Expertise at McGill University

2. something else 🙂
Musical genes may be coming to light

i’ve just remembered…fica para outro dia ,)


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