the face of tomorrow

“Alguma vez você já olhou em volta para o incontável número de pessoas em qualquer grande cidade cosmopolita e se perguntou “Qual é a cara deste lugar? Qual é a cara de um típico nova-iorquino, londrino, parisiense? Como este lugar se parecerá em cem ou duzentos anos, quando toda esta diversidade finalmente estabelecer algo vagamente homogêneo?”

the face of tomorrow
What is the face of London, New York, Paris? What does a Londoner, a New Yorker, a Parisian look like?

The Face of Tomorrow is a concept for a series of photographs that addresses the effects of globalization on identity.

The large metropolises of the world are magnets for migrants from all parts of the planet resulting in new mixtures of peoples. What might a typical inhabitant of this new metropolis look like in one or two hundred years if they were to become more integrated?

In Turkey and particularly in Istanbul, situated as it is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, you can see how this process has been at work over the last thousand years as waves of humanity from Central Asia, Arabia, Greece and Rome have been absorbed. The resulting population is fairly uniform suggesting that if you could combine all the faces in a city right now you would be looking at the future face of that city.

The Face of Tomorrow attempts to find this face by taking photographs of the current inhabitants and compositing their faces to create a typical face. What we get is a new person – a mix of all the people in that city. A face that doesn’t exist right now, but a face, it seems, of someone quite real

the Face of Tomorrow

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