Neil Harbisson was born colorblind. He manages to overcome this “impairment” through an antenna implanted in his skull that allows him to “hear colors” (via bone conduction). Neil says that this has changed the way he perceives. He describes the process in an interesting way: he had to start byRead More →

A Patirafa was born, created using Spore. The beautiful Patirafa left the volcano environment and went to Blender. Now we were ready to export the Patirafa as STL file and give the Tricolour printing a try. The result is not awesome, but we got some pretty nice statues 🙂Read More →

Interfacing the DS1077 oscillator module The DS1077 Package This IC comes in a SOIC package, therefore Sparkfun did a nice breakout board for it. In this project we used the breakout board, but if we were using the bare chip everything should work the same way as described here. ThisRead More →


As promised, here I am posting some more photos and videos taken in my backyard. I would like to acknowledge already some information about the opiliones I found on the Web:  Wikipedia is a nice first reference but I encourage you to check other sources;  The OmniPaper Project constitutes aRead More →


Last year was another discovery year 🙂 Now from the garden. My backyard was an authentic zoo. We let the wild plants grow and all the little bugs and whatever animals loved it. And I loved that they love it!! There is also a cat coming once and a while.Read More →


  This is a continuation of the spider tale   Going back to those days when I kept myself observing and rushing to my bedroom window to check for Madame Diadematus… Me and my spider…. By observing ‘her’ I end up thinking of how solitary she was and … thinkingRead More →

One of the many phenomena that made me travel in some completely nonlinear route to be doing what I am doing today are spider webs or how spiders construct their webs. I remember reading years ago about a study on the effects of drugs on spiders behavior while building theirRead More →